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test post

January 05th. 2018

Great bum sequence. Pelvic pain friendly

May 08th. 2017

Class 5 exercise chart

November 15th. 2016


Tuesday Birth Story- Such a difference to my 1st delivery

May 26th. 2015

I went into active labour on Tuesday night at around 11pm and my little man arrived at 4.14am on Wednesday morning. To say I was nervous coming up to the birth is an understatement. On my previous labour I had a 3rd degree tear so I was pretty scared of getting that again but not scared enough to want a …read more >>

Tuesdays Birth Story- No regrets!

May 19th. 2015

I had an emergency section on my first baby after being induced due to high blood pressure at 39 weeks.  I was fully dilated, pushing for an hour and had a failed vacuum before the section and always felt I had unfinished business in that respect! Before I got pregnant with number 2 I decided to prepare myself by losing …read more >>