Episode 5 with Sophie Brock

This Podcast aims to reassure, support, validate and empower women on their Pregnancy and Postnatal journeys. Through Ailish’s career as a Physiotherapist, teaching pregnancy classes for years, completion of Motherhood Certification and being a mother to 3 girls she has delved deep into this area and wants to empower women on their journeys.

Dr Sophie Brock @drsophiebrock is a sociologist in Australia who created the Motherhood Studies Certification I completed. We touch on many areas including:
• What is motherhood studies and research in motherhood.
• How to talk about our motherhood experience.
• The distinctions of being a mother, the doing of mothering and the motherhood.
• The concept of the ‘fish tank of motherhood’.
• The perfect mother myth.
• The impact of the pandemic on mothers.
• The second shift which refers to mothers going out into the workforce and then coming home taking on the second shift of the work inside of the home.
• Cultural shift around what value means in terms of mothering and care giving work.

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