Episode 4 with Lorraine Lozano

This Podcast aims to reassure, support, validate and empower women on their Pregnancy and Postnatal journeys. Through Ailish’s career as a Physiotherapist, teaching pregnancy classes for years, completion of Motherhood Certification and being a mother to 3 girls she has delved deep into this area and wants to empower women on their journeys.

Lorraine is a perinatal coach @globebabydoula. I laughed a lot in this podcast, I love Lorraine’s out look and way of being.
We spoke about what she does; “there to support you, emotionally, physically, and informationally. There to hold space, listening.”
We spoke about the reservations women have about using a doula and Lorraine explained everything about how to find your doula with real partnership and connection.
Lorraine advises that connection takes precedence over cost and location of doula.
We discussed all the different types of services that Lorraine offers.
We dipped into generational trauma in Ireland and it’s impact.

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