Episode 6 with Lisa Collins

This Podcast aims to reassure, support, validate and empower women on their Pregnancy and Postnatal journeys. Through Ailish’s career as a Physiotherapist, teaching pregnancy classes for years, completion of Motherhood Certification and being a mother to 3 girls she has delved deep into this area and wants to empower women on their journeys.

Lisa Collins is a businesswoman and coach who I completed the Motherhood Studies Certification with, we were the two Irish participants, and Lisa was pregnant during the course so had a unique insight into motherhood before entering it.

Lisa and I chat about:
• How we default into our gender roles when the baby arrives.
• The unseen care work and how it’s valued in Irish society.
• Lisa says she was aware of the social change that would occur when she became a mother but she wasn’t fully aware until she did Sophie’s course. We discussed how she used this knowledge before becoming a mother for the first time.
• Lisa quoted Gabor Mate who said “The best gift you can give your child is a happy mother” and we unpacked what this looks like in real life.
• We chatted about how maternal gatekeeping can disable men and set the tone for early parenthood.
• We discussed recent research about gender roles: gender talent versus conscious collaboration.
Lisa thank you for your patience with me and for being open and passionate about this. I get your commitment to mothers and particularly mothers who are also businesswomen.

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