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In Person Classes

With our amazing team of Bump Room Physiotherapists we run in-person classes in a variety of locations.

The classes are run in blocks for 5 weeks and cost €90.

The class is composed of two sections.

❤ Exercise- 50 mins ❤

❤ Pregnancy education and support: 10 mins ❤


Bladder & Bowel Health

Managing common pregnancy conditions eg. low back/neck/rib pain/carpal tunnel syndrome

Perineal Massage

Birth & Labour preparation

Early postnatal recovery

Matrescence – transition into motherhood

Csection recovery


Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti

Up 50% is reimbursed from health insurance providers as all instructions are CORU registered

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Frequently asked Questions

When can I join the In-Person Classes?

It is safe to exercise all the way through your pregnancy, including the first trimester. It really helps with the nausea and fatigue.

However the first trimester is associated with the highest risk of miscarriage. For this reason our preference is to accept women from the second trimester onward, when the risk is substantially reduced. Also, a specific pregnancy exercise programme is not usually required in first trimester.

What equipment do I need for the classes?

  • Gym ball : Please note the correct size ball depends on your height:

Between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 9 inches – 65cm ball

Taller than 5 feet 9 inches – 75cm ball.

A quick check is that when you sit on the ball that your hips are slightly higher than your knees.

  • Wide Resistance band  1.5 m
  • Exercise Mats are provided in the classes but you can bring your own if you wish
  • Light Weights 1-2 kg weight ideally
  • Bottle of Water

Is it safe to exercise with twin pregnancies?

It is safe to exercise with twin pregnancies but it is more challenging on the body. Therefore, we recommend women join classes early and to consider our online Finding relief classes as the pregnancy progresses. We are here to support and guide you particularly with twin pregnancies, so regular communication is encouraged.

*If you are not suitable to attend classes when pregnant with twins due to medical reasons, we would highly encourage you to join the Bump Room Community for your postnatal rehabilitation.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from joining The Bump Room In Person Classes?

Exercise in pregnancy is proven to be beneficial for both mum and baby; however there are some medical conditions where exercise has to be undertaken with caution. Please  click on this link  detailing these conditions.

Do I need clearance from my doctor?

On the health screening form we will ask you to confirm that you have communicated to your GP and/or Obstetrician that you are attending the classes

Can I attend if I had or have pelvic girdle pain/symphsis pubis dysfunction/sciatica?

Yes, the In Person classes are suitable for mild symptoms and modifications for some of the exercises can be given in the classes.

We have specifically designed our online Finding Relief class for women who are suffering with PGP symptoms and wish to stay moving in a supported way. The Finding Relief class is for moderate to severe symptoms and is accessible through the Bump Room Community only.

The majority of PGP symptoms will resolve postnatally, however if you are still experiencing symptoms the online postnatal exercise classes are the ideal way to safely build your strength and fitness.

Can I claim back for the classes on my health insurance?

Yes 100%. We are recognised as a medical service and all of the providers are CORU registered. This meets the main criteria for health insurance claims.

Our experience is there is a wide variation between health insurance providers in what they require on the receipts. When booking you will receive a downloadable receipt template and you can complete this with specific details required by your insurer.

Keeping body moving in a comfortable safe way, which is otherwise very difficult. It is the only form of exercise I feel able to do. Learned a lot about pelvic girdle pain amongst other things pregnancy related. Got good tips for managing the pain including follow up resources on the WhatsApp group. Felt good to know I’m not alone and it was a weekly reminder to look after myself.


I learned more about the physical and mechanical pieces of PGP that helped me to better understand what I was experiencing and know what things I could do to ease some of my discomfort. The exercises and massage ball moves are simple and easy to put into practice. Plus the sense of community was tremendous. It was great to get together with a group of women also going through something similar and to know I wasn’t alone and that I was supported.


Been able to continue exercise during pregnancy was so important for me as I wanted to maintain strength and fitness to help my post natal recovery. When I developed PGP I had to stop walking which was a little depressing but being able to continue the Pilates with the bump room was great – not only got exercise but for sanity too. I also liked the recording being available as I always repeated the class alone at home at least once more per week


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