Episode 3 with Tara Whelan

This Podcast aims to reassure, support, validate and empower women on their Pregnancy and Postnatal journeys. Through Ailish’s career as a Physiotherapist, teaching pregnancy classes for years, completion of Motherhood Certification and being a mother to 3 girls she has delved deep into this area and wants to empower women on their journeys.

Building from the last podcast with Ali, I speak to Tara who is a nurse and perinatal emotional well-being and havening techniques practitioner.
Tara has a beautiful way of explaining how trauma triggers actually work with very real examples. She also outlines how she works with people: Emotional debriefing, reprocessing memory into long-term memory, and a solution-focused approach.
One resource we spoke about is Sophie Burch’s book: Beyond birth, a mindful guide to early parenting (available on Amazon)

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