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Unlimited access

Weekly live Zoom classes (pregnancy and postnatal) and recording available for one week

Support/access to experienced chartered physiotherapists

Access to physio-led education masterclasses on demand

Access to comprehensive pregnancy and postnatal on-demand video libraries

Education hub (specific exercises for common pregnancy and postnatal-related conditions plus lots of educational videos )

Access to resources library full of amazing people/products/important information gathered from years of experience.


per month

on-demand video

Access to comprehensive pregnancy and postnatal on-demand video libraries

Education hub (specific exercises for common pregnancy and postnatal-related conditions plus lots of educational videos )

Access to resources library full of amazing people/products/important information gathered from years of experience.

Support/access to experienced chartered physiotherapists

Weekly live Zoom classes/class recordings

Access to physio-led education masterclasses on demand


1 year access

Live Zoom
classes 5-week

Weekly live Zoom classes (pregnancy/postnatal) and recording available for one week

Support/access to experienced chartered physiotherapists

Access to comprehensive pregnancy and postnatal on-demand video libraries (link to what you get)

Education hub (specific exercises for common pregnancy and postnatal-related conditions plus lots of educational videos )

Access to resources library full of amazing people/products/important information gathered from years of experience.

Access to Physio led education masterclasses on demand


for 5 weeks


Why Join The Bump

  • Be Supported with our experienced Physiotherapists
  • Be Connected with other mothers and mothers to be in a safe space
  • Be Informed with quality up to date content
  • Be Energised with our extensive exercise videos
  • Be Motivated within our classes
  • Be Empowered with The Bump Room!


We are here for you!

Feeling connected and supported is integral to thriving in pregnancy and motherhood. This is why we created The Bump Room live zoom classes, an accessible and time-saving space for women to connect and support each other. We (Ailish, Caitriona and Fiona) are here for you. Being present in real time to listen, reassure and motivate through our live weekly classes and live events where you can ask questions and connect.

Health Insurance Information

All our instructors are CORU registered physiotherapists and therefore all our classes are reimbursable. As the different health insurance providers request different information on the receipts we will provide you with an editable template receipt to input your details for your personal claims. The receipt templates are in your booking confirmation emails. 

Example: you can be reimbursed €30 per block of In person classes if you have Irish Life Extra Plan

Want to know more

When are the weekly live zoom classes & what type of classes are there?

There are four live zoom classes every week. Two pregnancy and two postnatal classes. HERE is a link to the timetable and the description of the classes

Who are the classes for and when can I join?

Classes are suitable for pregnant women, new moms and not so new moms (all mothers).
We are here to support and mind you when you are ready, whether its during pregnancy or 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years postnatal. You can subscribe at any stage of your pregnancy or postnatally. We have early postnatal rehab in our on demand video library.

How does the free trial work?

When you chose your subscription you will have to input your card details but you will not be charged until 7 days after. The date of the subscription payment will be shown at checkout.

When should I begin Postnatal live classes?

For the postnatal classes our 4th trimester section is designed for 0-6 weeks postnatal or when you are ready. We recommend that women are at least more than one month after giving birth vaginally or more than 2 months after C-section for progressing beyond the 4th trimester section.

There are varying degrees of difficultly in the videos, so depending on whether you want to be challenged or slow it down, there is a class there for you.

What equipment do I need for the classes?

  • Good broadband connection. Recommended bandwidth is 2.5 to 3 Mbps.
  • Gym ball : Please note the correct size ball depends on your height:

Between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 9 inches – 65cm ball

Taller than 5 feet 9 inches – 75cm ball.

A quick check is that when you sit on the ball that your hips are slightly higher than your knees.

  • Wide Resistance band  1.5 m
  • Exercise Mat
  • Light Weights 1-2 kg weight ideally (heavier for Stay Stronger classes and Phase 3 postnatal)
  • Mini band (Postnatal classes)

How does the Subscription work?

The subscription is on a monthly basis and will be deducted automatically from your bank account each month. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

As a community member you will have FULL UNLIMITED access to all the live events and all of the antenatal and postnatal exercise and education content and resources.

Is it safe to exercise with twin pregnancies?

It is safe to exercise with twin pregnancies but it is more challenging on the body. Therefore, we recommend women join early and to consider our Finding relief classes as the pregnancy progresses. We are here to support and guide you particularly with twin pregnancies, so regular communication is encouraged.

*If you are not suitable to attend when pregnant with twins due to medical reasons, we would highly encourage you to join the Bump Room Community for your postnatal rehabilitation.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from joining The Bump Room Community?

Exercise in pregnancy is proven to be beneficial for both mum and baby; however there are some medical conditions where exercise has to be undertaken with caution. Please  click on this link  detailing these conditions.

Do I need clearance from my doctor?

On the health screening form we will ask you to confirm that you have communicated to your GP and/or Obstetrician that you are attending the classes (this one off screening form is requested prior to accessing the video library’s to get to know you better and offer you support as required)

Can I attend if I had or have pelvic girdle pain/symphsis pubis dysfunction/sciatica?

Yes, please come. We have specifically designed our Finding Relief class for women who are suffering with PGP symptoms and wish to stay moving in a supported way. The Finding Relief class is for moderate to severe symptoms.

The Stay Strong class is suitable for mild symptoms and modifications for some of the exercises can be given in the Live classes.

The majority of PGP symptoms will resolve postnatally, however if you are still experiencing symptoms the postnatal exercise classes are the ideal way to safely build your strength and fitness.

Can I claim back for the classes on my health insurance?

Yes 100%. We are recognised as a medical service and all of the providers are CORU registered. This meets the main criteria for health insurance claims.

Our experience is there is a wide variation between health insurance providers in what they require on the receipts. Therefore, in the membership area there are downloadable receipt templates and you can complete these.

I am so busy, what is the time commitment?

We have created The Bump Room Community to fit into your busy lifestyle. We know mums find it difficult to get time to workout so the pre-recorded videos are of different durations from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the time you have available.

Our live pregnancy classes are 45 minutes and our live postnatal classes 45 minutes duration.

My children are older now can I join?

The Bump Room Community is great for anyone who has ever been pregnant and it is never too late to work on your core and pelvic floor muscles. You can still reap the benefits of the exercises even many years after birth.

I have a Diastasis Recti (tummy muscle gap), is this suitable for me?

If you have a large diastasis, of greater than 5 fingers, you are better attending a local chartered physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health who can guide you at your own pace.

For mild to moderate diastasis The Bump Room Community is perfect for you. You will need to pay attention to certain modifications that may need to be made to some exercises. Watch the videos specifically made for diastasis to guide you on your breathing and body position.

I have a prolapse, is this suitable for me?

Yes. The Bump Room Community is designed to cater for all women after giving birth. With prolapse, however, the classes are best done in conjunction with a local chartered physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health who can assess your pelvic floor function.

I am having pelvic floor issues, is this suitable for me?

Yes, yes yes. The postnatal programme and classes have been specifically designed to help you recover from childbirth. There is a huge focus on exercises that encourage improved pelvic floor muscle function.

What times are the live zoom classes?

We run live Zoom classes every week with the exception of school holidays i.e midterms, Christmas and Easter breaks (classes will run during the Summer). During these break weeks you will continue to have access to all the pre-recorded exercise content.

The live classes are delivered by the experienced physiotherapy creators.
Currently the live classes are scheduled for the following days and times:

Monday evening Pregnancy Stay Strong Pregnancy 7-7.45pm
Thursday morning Pregnancy Finding Relief 10-10.45am
Wednesday evening Pregnancy Stay Strong 7.30-8.15pm
Wednesday 9.15 – 10am Postnatal Phase 2


Do I get access to the recording of the live classes?

You will have access to class recordings for 1 week and unlimited access to the pre-recorded exercise classes library.

Is it safe to exercise all the way through your pregnancy?

It is safe to exercise all the way through your pregnancy, including the first trimester. It really helps with the nausea and fatigue.
However the first trimester is associated with the highest risk of miscarriage. For this reason our preference is to accept women from the second trimester onward, when the risk is substantially reduced. Also, a specific pregnancy exercise programme is not usually required in first trimester.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel anytime during the 7-day trial and you will not be billed. To cancel is simple, you go into your account and click on cancel subscription. If you enjoy the 7 days and would like to stay on, whatever subscription you have opted for will commence automatically at the end of the trial.

The weekly classes were brilliant for meeting other pregnant ladies who were going through the same thing, hearing the good stories (ignoring the bad), getting advice & preparing physically and mentally for our impending challenge of labour. I’ve recommended the classes to every friend of mine who has had that ‘over the moon news’ of a new baby and I truly believe the weekly Bump Room classes, armed with my trusty gym ball helped me significantly in not only having a strong & healthy pregnancy, but more importantly in coping with my labour and delivering my beautiful baby boy safely.

Olivia Harris

Olivia Harris

Weekly Classes user

The weekly classes of The Bump Room and Bump Room Beyond Birth are energetic, fun & tailored to the needs, energy and fitness levels of pregnancy. Ive been able maintain a good level of fitness throughout and feel strong mentally and physically. As a first time mum, the support from Ailish and Fiona during the classes and especially in the Q&A has been great. Hearing other mums stories and hints and tips has been brilliant. I’ve enjoyed the online delivery also and would never have been able attend in person.

Heather L

Heather L


I have attended the bumproom classes (online due to covid) throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. I highly recommend them, not only for the fitness side and keeping active throughout the pregnancy but the knowledge and tips were brilliant, which came from the instructors who are all qualified physio’s. The postpartum classes really helped in my journey back to excerise after pregnancy. It was very reassuring to get the safe exercises and knowledge to ease back into exercise safely especially after a caesarean. As a first-time mum I picked up invaluable tips along the way.



Limerick, mother of twins

The bump room should be mandatory for every pregnant woman both during pregnancy and postnatally with the bump room beyond birth. The bump room is not just an exercise class but so much more. Not only are you instructed by a chartered physiotherapist to make you feel so safe when exercising during pregnancy but they also give you a wealth of information and support as you prepare to give birth. I did classes on each 3 pregnancies and recommend them to all expectant mums. My Postnatal recovery has been slow after 3 babies in 4 years but Fiona from the bumproom beyond birth is amazing at putting you at ease and supporting you in your journey back to fitness.

Laura W

Laura W


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