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Our pregnancy videos are purposely designed to meet you where you are, with different levels of classes to suit everyone.

In our experience women are coming from various levels of pre-pregnancy fitness and dealing with different health concerns.

So, we have structured the content according to difficulty. We have also varied the length of classes to allow for more flexibility.
The content of our classes is varied, we chose our exercises from different disciplines such as yoga, pilates and strength training.

Every exercise is chosen with the intention to strengthen and support women as their body changes during pregnancy.


What do you receive:

  • Level 1 Classes — Finding Relief
  • Level 2 Classes — Stay Strong
  • Level 3 Classes — Stay Stronger

Extra support:

Physiotherapy specific exercises


practical and powerful information that enhances the classes for your safety and understanding.

Level 1

Finding Relief

Gentler approach / lower impact /
relaxed workout

The main intention is to enjoy the benefits of exercise in a more supported way. The exercises are chosen with specific consideration to reducing the impact to the pelvis and lower back, equal weight distribution, slower pace when moving into different positions and low impact aerobics.

This level includes:

  • 3 core classes (40-45 minutes)
  • 3 express classes (25-30 minutes)
  • 1 movement snack (15 minutes)
  • Rough Day class – gentle class for those tough days when you need restorative movement

Level 2

Stay Strong

Challenge yourself / build strength / combined workouts

The main intention is to challenge while building strength and endurance. Types of exercises are aerobics, body weight (e.g. squats, lunges, press ups, hip thrusts), upper body resistance and core/balance exercises. Yoga and pilates mobility sequences are included as warm ups and cool downs.

This level includes:

  • 3 core classes (40-45 minutes)
  • 3 express classes (20-30 minutes)
  • 1 movement snack (15 minutes)

Level 3

Stay Stronger

Maintain strength/ power/ modify

The main intention is to offer workouts for women who are used to doing weights and may want some modifications as their body changes during pregnancy.

This level includes:

  • 3 weights sets (each set is 20-30 minutes)


Physiotherapy specific
exercise sequences for:

  • Low back pain
  • Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Cramps
  • Neck pain
  • Rib pain and mid back pain
  • Lymphatic stimulation
  • Myofascial tissue release for feet
  • Myofascial tissue release for hips and bum
  • Myofascial release for neck and upper back

Education videos:

  • Positions of ease for pregnancy
  • Turning in bed with Leonora
  • Body awareness
  • Lying on your back
  • Sleeping position tips
  • Hypnobirthing and short relaxation session
  • Position for pushing phase of labour

The Bump Room has been a part of my pregnancy journey for the last 6yrs. I have 3 daughters and in each of these pregnancies the bump room were close at hand supporting me, guiding me safely through a specialised and tailored exercise plan. The classes allowed me to slow down, to be present and mindful, spending precious time bonding with my expectant bundle. They allowed me to feel prepared for labour, thanks to all the tips and advice from the educated instructors. In my most recent pregnancy I found their social media pages insightful as I gained lots of useful information to support me through the 4th trimester. I would highly recommend the Bump Room to all expectant mothers.



Co.Clare, mother to Ava, Fia and Isla

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number 5 I was adamant to try and maintain my fitness level as much as possible throughout the pregnancy. I had used the bump room for my first three pregnancies but was unable to on baby number 4 because of the class times and babysitting, and developed symphis pubis quite early on ending up on crutches and not able to mobilise that well. I was delighted on this pregnancy that the bump room were offering morning classes and via zoom. The flexibility to do the classes from my own home meant I could commit to the class each week whilst the kids were at school or home schooled and the instructor recorded it so we could complete it throughout the week before the next class. The addition of the cardio exercises are great to really push yourself as much as you can.

Frances S

Frances S


I attended Bump Room classes online from my 13th week of pregnancy, right up until my due date. I found the classes a great way to maintain strength, and particularly mobility, when other forms of exercise were more difficult. I started with the “Stay Strong” classes and then switched to the “Finding Relief” classes as my pregnancy progressed and bump grew. Since Ailish is a physiotherapist, all of the classes were challenging, but in a safe, structured way. While I’m Irish I actually live and work in Zambia at the moment and the idea that I could attend online pregnancy fitness classes was incredible for me, as in Zambia these sorts of services don’t exist. The fact that I could tune in from thousands of miles away was wonderful, I hope the Zoom classes remain an option, even after the pandemic!

Andrea Wickham Moriarty

Andrea Wickham Moriarty


Before my 1st pregnancy I was an avid gym goer, swimmer and runner so The Bump Room classes were an excellent option for me. When I fell pregnant with baby number 2 I was thrilled to find out The Bump Room was now online. I chose to do the stay strong classes despite lower fitness levels. I started the classes earlier this time around 19 weeks. I longed for Sunday mornings; it was my time to link in with my own body and my growing baby. I loved hearing how all the other ladies were doing, the advice and discussion at the end of class, the lively up beat dance parts of the class and the breathing and deep stretching throughout. Despite the energetic nature of these classes it was a safe environment. The instructor always encouraged you to push yourself yet listen to your body and know when was enough.

Trish O’Meara

Trish O’Meara


Keeping body moving in a comfortable safe way, which is otherwise very difficult. It is the only form of exercise I feel able to do. Learned a lot about pelvic girdle pain amongst other things pregnancy related. Got good tips for managing the pain including follow up resources on the WhatsApp group. Felt good to know I’m not alone and it was a weekly reminder to look after myself.


I learned more about the physical and mechanical pieces of PGP that helped me to better understand what I was experiencing and know what things I could do to ease some of my discomfort. The exercises and massage ball moves are simple and easy to put into practice. Plus the sense of community was tremendous. It was great to get together with a group of women also going through something similar and to know I wasn’t alone and that I was supported.


Been able to continue exercise during pregnancy was so important for me as I wanted to maintain strength and fitness to help my post natal recovery. When I developed PGP I had to stop walking which was a little depressing but being able to continue the Pilates with the bump room was great – not only got exercise but for sanity too. I also liked the recording being available as I always repeated the class alone at home at least once more per week


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