The Fearless Visionary

Teaching Bump Room Classes since 2008. Qualified as a physiotherapist from Royal College of Surgeons in 2005. Ailish fulfilled her vision of developing a team of physios in The Bump Room who support each other and share ideas in order to deliver the best classes.

Ailish is passionate about the changes and challenges of motherhood. She is a Motherhood Studies practitioner and continues to study the identity shift that occurs in motherhood. Mother to 3 children: Niamh, Anna and Maria and proud to Mother an inspiring neurodiverse child.

Favorite Quote:

“It is not the easy or convenient life for which I search, but the life lived to the edge of all of my possibility” Maryanne Radmacher

3 words to describe yourself:

Loyal, Brave and Open

My Why —

Simple, I want everyone to have great lives especially Mothers: they are the glue keeping everything together. My favourite conversations are where I empower mothers to see what’s really important to them in order to create a life of freedom, power and peace. I believe if Mothers are well, all is well.

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