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Tuesday Birth Story – oooh it won’t be long

January 30th. 2018 | Comments Off on Tuesday Birth Story – oooh it won’t be long

I went in to the Coombe Hospital in Dublin for a sweep on Friday at 39+3. During it the consultant looked surprised and said “oooh – it won’t be long!!” so I was on tenderhooks for the weekend! Had a few cramps but nothing major until the Sunday night when my waters broke getting out of the bath.
My mother in law came and collected our wee boy and we made our way over to Dublin 8.  The midwife checked me over and everything was looking good but I wasn’t having contractions yet so we were sent home and told to come back in at lunchtime the next day if nothing was happening.
That night I tried to sleep but contractions started around 3am so I got up and was sitting on my ball and walking around the house to try and get things going. We headed back in to the Coombe at lunchtime and at that point I was 2cms dilated so the midwife suggested going for a walk and coming back in an hour.  I went and walked around outside the hospital and the contractions got very intense quite quickly. When I went back to the assessment unit the midwife examined me and said I was 3cms.
At this point the contractions were really powerful and I asked if I could get an epidural as I thought I still had a long way to go. They brought me across to the delivery suite and the midwife there took one look at me and asked “do you want to push?” As soon as she said that I thought “YESSSSS!!” so I climbed up on the bed and my beautiful baby girl Hazel was born 20 mins later!  I couldn’t believe that I had progressed from 3cms to fully dilated in the time it took to get from the assessment unit to the delivery suite!
So although my labour was slow to get going my delivery was very quick in the end! Breathing, moving and the tens machine really helped when there wasn’t time for anything else!
Anne one of our Dublin Bump Room Instructors with her 2 beautiful children.

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