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Tuesday Birth Story – A long build up!

June 27th. 2017 | 1 Comment

This was my second pregnancy, I knew it would be different as everything about the pregnancy was different.
I was working and running around after a toddler right up to 35 weeks then I got really run down, I was overdoing it and needed to look after myself and the baby. I came out of work and went on bed rest well as much as I could with a 20 month old around.
A week later I started getting steady contractions, they were braxton hicks but were very regular then stopped. For the next 4 weeks I got strong painful contractions, starting for an hour then stop. I was walking, using my Pilates ball, sexy time, curries, pineapple! I tried it all then I spoke to a wonderful midwife who said baby could be the wrong way around (his tummy to my tummy instead of my back) I did all the exercises and baby moved. The midwives were fantastic during this hard time for me as the consultant just laughed it off and kept telling me I wasn’t really in labour so it didn’t matter. Anyway it all got better once baby moved, I just needed him to engage fully so I used my ball again, walked but most importantly I rested! That was so important as no point in being tired going into labour.
It all started at 9pm, I was 3 days over my due date..contractions were very manageable so just used my tens machine on low. They were not regular and when I lied down to rest the contractions spaced out even more. I went to bed for the night and got some rest. Next morning they got stronger so I got my ball out, upped my tens machine and called my Mam to take my daughter. Just to note that the contractions were still not regular, every 5/8/10 mins all over the place but strong. I rang the maternity and they said sure have a cup of tea but I had a contraction while I was on the phone to them. I couldn’t talk so they said see you soon, this was at 12:30! I got in, got checked about 1. I was 6cm so they left the monitor on. I had a contraction and it set off the machine so they rushed me up to the labour ward in a wheelchair, I didn’t see the need for all the fuss so I was mortified running through the corridors and visitors. It was so calm on the labour ward, I was checked and I was nearly ready but and this was so important to me, I asked to stand up and just let my body direct me. I was still using just my tens machine at this stage nothing else. Stayed standing then my waters broke but I stayed standing. I never felt I needed to push, the contractions pushed for me if that makes sense. It all happened so fast, he was out in 3 “pushes”. He was born at 2:15 No stitches or pain relief, well I lie..my tens machine was on boost the whole time and even after until my hubby realised it was still on :-)! I had awful pains after when feeding and contracting as I didn’t empty my bladder first. The main point I want to make was I was stronger because I was more informed, the weeks up to it were the hardest part and the calmer you are the better. Stay at home as long as you can. Midwives are great and I’m so happy it was midwife led instead of consultant. Also right up until the baby coming stage my contractions were never regular but possibly because the cord was around his neck (this was not a problem for the calm midwives) Obviously every birth is different but remember your body is made for this.

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One comment on Tuesday Birth Story – A long build up!