Postnatal Programme 2

Welcome and how to navigate this programme

We have divided the programme into 4 sections.

Start at the 4th-trimester section. If you are further along after birth, we would encourage you to still start here and watch these videos at least once as there is some invaluable education here.The priority of the 4th trimester is rest and allowing the body to recover. It is not a time to be pushing your body. This section is designed as a gentle return to exercise and can be started as soon as 2 weeks post birth or as soon as you feel comfortable getting up and down off the mat. At 6 weeks post birth, you might be ready to move on to phase 1, however, if your body is still recovering stay here until you feel ready.

In phase 1 videos, we focus on the pelvic floor and the connection between the breath and the core. Here you have access to 5 exercise videos of varying lengths as well as numerous educational videos to help you navigate the videos.  

Many women will stay at the phase one section for 3-4 weeks, doing 3-4 workouts a week, but you may need more time. Gradually you will begin to find the videos easier and you know it’s time to move to phase 2.

In phase 2 we take the intensity of the workouts up a little. We add some weights to some of the workouts.

In phase 3, the style of workout changes to HITT style workouts designed to prepare your body for return to higher impact exercise.