We also have online classes available: The Bump Room online & The Bump Room Beyond Birth

Need to Know

How the Zoom classes work?

You can start coming to The Zoom Bump Room any time after your first scan and first trimester which is the best time to start. How late you start in your pregnancy depends on how you are feeling. Many women have started classes at 30+ weeks and have been there on their due dates.

  • The classes run for 5 weeks.
  • The cost for 5 weeks is €69 and you receive a discount code for 10% off for subsequent blocks.
  • The cost for two classes a week is 10% less.
  • You  receive a recording of the class which is accessible for 7 days after the class.
  • Each class includes a 10 minute discussion topic with four handouts. These handouts are emailed to you.
    • The Top Five Tips of the Bump Room- includes pelvic floor info, sleeping positions, how to roll out of bed and how to do a poo properly!
    • Perineal massage and c-section scar massage
    • Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain- covers everything you need to know and the best exercises for this common uncomfortable condition.
    • Post natal leaflet- what’s normal and what is not normal during the post natal period.
    • Meditation
    • Labour- positions, pain relief, birth plans.
  • If you would like to try out one of the classes and view a sample zoom set up click here view a video lesson.
  • To view current guidelines on exercise in pregnancy click here

What do you need for the live Zoom Bump Room classes?

A big a screen,  ideally a TV or lap top, at eye level. No phones!

Good broadband connection. Recommended bandwidth is 2.5 to 3 Mbps.

Gym ball.

Please note the correct size ball depends on your height

  • Between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 9- 65cm ball
  • Taller than above- 75cm ball.
  • A quick check is that when you sit on the ball that your hips are slightly higher than your knees. See image below.

Resistance band  HERE are details to purchase online, choose the blue or black. The bands can also be purchased in ELVERYS.  The correct length is between 1.2 to 1.5m.

Mat that isn’t slippy. HERE are the mats we use in our classes which are extra thick, I know they are pricey but they last forever and stick to the ground. A good mat is a wise investment as you can also use it as a floor changing mat and for post natal period.

Wall space if you can arrange to have a part of your room free to lean against a wall, for wall press ups, wall squats and lots of other exercises.


You should wear loose comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. A good sports bra is recommended. In addition we recommend you have a bottle of water.



Is there anyone The Zoom Bump Room is not suitable for?

For the vast majority of pregnant women exercise is recommended and very safe. However, there are some medical conditions where exercise in pregnancy is a precaution. The following link outlines these conditions. A  health screening form is completed on booking which the physiotherapist reads before you participate in the classes. If you would like to speak to the physiotherapist before the class you can request this on the booking form and/or the physiotherapist may contact you if she has any queries.

NOTE: If you are pregnant with twins please contact us directly before booking a class. 

Do I need clearance from my doctor?

On the health screening form we will ask you to confirm that you have communicated to your GP and/or Obstetrician that you are attending the classes.

Can I attend if I had or have pelvic girdle pain/symphsis pubis dysfunction/sciatica

Yes, you can detail this in your health screening and the physiotherapist may contact you. Modifications for some of the exercises will be given.

IMPORTANT: All our physiotherapist instructors encourage women to listen to their bodies during our classes. This is even more important across a virtual platform because we may not observe the same level of detail with movement patterns/dysfunctions. We will be constantly requesting that you trust your instincts and listen to your bodies.

How do I register for the classes?

Go to the Classes page of this website to see the timetable of classes and the link to where you can book online.

Can I claim back for the classes on my health insurance?

Yes, many health insurance companies provide full or partial cover for the classes. Receipts are provided as most physiotherapy services are covered under private health insurance policies and Med 1 forms. This receipt is the one issued after booking which includes the CORU registration number of your physiotherapist instructor. Our experience is there is a huge variation between different  health insurance providers in what they require on the receipts. If you have any issue you can contact out administrator directly (support@thebumproom.ie) and she can issue a receipt for what is required.