We also have online classes available: The Bump Room online & The Bump Room Beyond Birth


The Bump Room is an energetic and positive place to stay active.

The benefits of exercise in pregnancy include;

  • maintaining fitness and strength
  • improved circulation
  • decreased varicosities
  • maintenance of healthy weight
  • prevention and management of gestational diabetes
  • reduced fatigue and insomnia
  • improved self-confidence and body image.
  • Women who exercise in pregnancy tend to have shorter labors, fewer delivery complications and suffer less from ante and post natal depression.

The extra benefit of The Bump Room is your physiotherapist. We are there to guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts, observing you and modifying your exercises as needed.

We provide guidance and support on how to manage aches and pains. We offer weekly tips and advice on many aspects related to pregnancy including pelvic floor health and labor, to help you prepare with confidence for The Big Day.