We also have online classes available: The Bump Room online & The Bump Room Beyond Birth


‘The Bump Room’ are pregnancy fitness classes that are designed and led by Chartered Physiotherapists. The classes incorporate exercises from yoga, pilates and strengthening techniques tailored for  pregnancy. The growth of The Bump Room is due to word of mouth and the support of obstetricians and midwives who have seen first-hand the benefits. Each Bump Room instructor receives specific training and this training is ongoing.

Currently (Covid panademic) we have transferred all our live classes across to the ZOOM platform.

Why The Bump Room?

Every exercise is chosen with the purpose to strengthen and support women as their body changes during pregnancy ;

  • Strengthen areas  prone to weakness from ligament laxity
  • Stretch areas prone to tightness from postural changes
  • Limit fluid retention
  • Helps minimise pelvic pain and joint discomfort.

Use of the gym ball is central to The Bump Room as it allows for movement of the pelvis in a supported way.

During the live classes The Bump Room was a great meeting place for mums-to-be which was sociable and supportive. We are very mindful of the need for perinatal support during pregnancy and The Bump Room acts as an informal social support for the women who attend our classses.

Now, during Covid, we will endeavour to maintain this social support, even across virtual platforms.

Each class ends with a 10 minute discussion with a leaflet on the following:

  • The Top Five Tips of the Bump Room- includes pelvic floor info, sleeping positions, how to roll out of bed and how to do a poo properly!
  • Perineal massage and c-section scar massage
  • Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain- covers everything you need to know and the best exercises for this common uncomfortable condition.
  • Post natal leaflet- what’s normal and what is not normal during the post natal period.
  • Meditation
  • Labour- positions, pain relief, birth plans.

We guarantee that every woman leaves the Zoom Bump Room feeling energised, relaxed, informed and destined for a good’s night sleep.