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Olivia Harris

The weekly classes were brilliant for meeting other pregnant ladies who were going through the same thing, hearing the good stories (ignoring the bad), getting advice & preparing physically and mentally for our impending challenge of labour. I’ve recommended the classes to every friend of mine who has had that ‘over the moon news’ of a new baby and I truly believe the weekly Bump Room classes, armed with my trusty gym ball helped me significantly in not only having a strong & healthy pregnancy, but more importantly in coping with my labour and delivering my beautiful baby boy safely.
Exercise in Pregnancy in Ireland

Aisling Finn

The Bump Room kept me sane during the last trimester of my pregnancy. Everyone told me to take it easy, put my feet up….I was sick of feeling like a couch potatoe! In the classes I felt ‘normal’ again. I could challenge my body in a safe way. I also gave birth squatting, I wouldn’t have been able to only for these classes. They built up my endurance and strength in preparation for labour. I would highly recommend these classes and will be doing them again the minute I get news on #2 (not for the immediate future though – still getting used to #1)
Exercise & Pregnancy in Limerick, Munster, ireland

Jean Mc Adam

I found it difficult to stay in shape during my pregnancy until I started the Bump Room classes. Each week I would go home after the class feeling refreshed and relaxed, while at the same time, knowing I’d had a great work out. The classes kept me toned and in shape during my pregnancy which helped both during labour and in getting my figure back afterwards. The classes were a great form of support too, like a little network of pregnant women! I have recommended this class to lots of friends and will be looking forward to coming back to the Bump Room again in the future when I’m cooking bump #2!  
Post Natal Rehabilitation in Ireland

Ciara Lanigan

Before I was pregnant I taught a spinning class twice a week and took body conditioning classes twice a week, I also ran at least once a week….basically I was extremely fit and always on the go. But when I found out I was pregnant I just didn’t want to keep up the spinning and toning classes as they weren’t very geared towards a pregnant body. Then I found the Bump Room and was so thrilled as it’s all about toning and conditioning and getting your body ready for labour. I love it. The physio also gives great pointers on different aspects of the birth, labour and post natal peroid.    
Can You Exercise While Pregnant

Claire Ley

As Ailish is a qualified physiotherapist it’s easy to place complete confidence in her and feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are challenging your body in a safe way and that you are preparing, not only for the big event of labour but also doing something to get back into shape – even before the arrival of baby! Ailish is always available at the beginning or end of class to answer questions on odd twinges or pains which is a great help when there are big gaps in between antenatal appointments. The classes are an ideal way to meet other mums-to-be and to compare notes on the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Every week I left feeling more limber, refreshed, relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.…Read More >

Niamh Bowen

I spent 18 weeks going to the Bump Room during my pregnancy and I bounced right back after my Caesarean section…. I put my excellent recovery down to the good habits taught to me in classes. Apart from teaching technique, the physio is generous of time and spirit and creates a fun, safe and supportive environment in which to exercise. She is also a mine of information about pregnancy in general, as well as having added expertise as a physiotherapist. I promise you will leave class with a smile every week.
Pregnancy Exercises at the bump room in Limerick

Maureen Hogan

I started Bump Room classes at 14 weeks and continued right up until my due date! Due to hip pain during my pregnancy I found walking difficult so the classes were a brilliant way to maintain strength and mobility. The reassurance of exercising in a safe environment with a trained physiotherapist was very important for me. Meeting other expectant Mums to share the experience with was an added bonus.

Dr. Catriona Corcoran

I attended the Bump Room throughout my last pregnancy. In comparison to my previous pregnancy I noticed a huge difference; no back pain, I felt fitter and more energetic throughout and a quicker recovery afterwards. I recommend the Bump Room to all my patients.