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Chat with Lisa

April 12th. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Lisa

Link below to listen to chat with Lisa


This was a great conversation with Lisa who is a postpartum Doula. The conversation flew as we discussed what is missing or stopping women from seeking supports in the postpartum period.
Debunking the myth to ‘just get on with it’.
I really got present to what I did as new Mum, which was having this idea that I should be able to do it, every other woman does it, why is it do hard.

IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HARD! This is what I have learnt this week (11 years too late) and I can impact women coming through my classes now.

I will prepare them for the amazing and the tough.
I will start the conversation around what supports you have put in place to meet your needs. Who is doing the shopping? Cooking? Laundry? Cleaning? Helping with other kids?
And it’s a great idea to get a postpartum Doula (covered with Irish life insurance).

I loved that the Doula involves the partner in the ‘trickier’ conversations, it powerfully sets the tone for what is coming and the support that will be required.

Planned support is simply a necessity- this is a crucial time for healing that has far reaching effects in your Motherhood journey.

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