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Chat with Jessie

April 12th. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Jessie

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Jessie describes her back story and how she developed a curiosity of the 2-3 year deep identity shift that occurs in Motherhood.
When we fail to acknowledge and support the identity shift it causes a lot of suffering.

It’s a rite of passage- Letting go of who you were so you can step into who you are becoming. Motherhood in terms of a liminal space ‘an in-between’ I don’t know who I am anymore- this is a normal and healthy part of transformation but it can be pathologized.

It’s challenging in a culture that says ‘move on’. It’s taboo to say you have lost yourself in Motherhood- when in fact it’s normal.

A lot of ‘shoulds’ can be that sign of suffering, feelings of ‘I am not normal’. Jessie says she sees a few thing; trying to scramble back to the former self, re-create the pre-baby life and /or charging ahead into the future, ‘I can figure this out’/ fixing.

Broad beautiful messy spectrum is normal when becoming a Mother, there is nothing is wrong, you can be acknowledged and heard.

There are things you are going to have to let go of and you never get to decide when you get to reclaim them.
Significant systemic challenges that force our hand as Mothers, no paid maternity leave/have to go back to work quickly.

Rite of passage- a change that changes everything, but that change brings you closer to who you are and what matters most to you. Opens up a world of potential.
Mother Powers- skills and capacities that we have the opportunity to claim or re-claim as Mothers
1.       Self-tending- ability to meet our own needs
2.       Ritual- creating rituals in our lives
3.       Community- developing community is a desire as Mothers
4.       Creativity- incredible creativity occurs in Motherhood.
5.       Inner-knowing- tapping into that inner wisdom
6.       Embodiment- connecting with how powerful our bodies are.
7.       Earth connection- connection to our mammalian nature.

Jessie describes that these skills are exactly what the world needs now. Living a life that is non-linear, deeply creative and creational.
We need more women who know how to tend to themselves, to their communities, who are creative, embodied and intuitive.
Jessie describes the ways she works with women. She generally works with women who are going through a radical transformation.

The Four elements of Radical Transformation- a modern day rite of passage with a feminine approach. Understanding what is true for you right now. Naming the change, what is different i.e. career, marriage. Learning to let go or disentangling from parts of ourselves that no longer feel authentic. Bringing in the practices, Seven Mother powers.
29 mins: Three step process to self-tending: Recognise your needs, Validate your needs, Meet your needs.

Who am I if I slow down? Who am I if I rest? Who am I if I stop working? Deep questioning of self- worth. Who am I if I become a person who looks after herself?
Jessie outlines that we don’t have to always meet our needs perfectly, it is a learning process, it can take time/resilience to know how to meet our needs/ learn to resource yourself better and overtime you start to meet those needs more effectively.

Tremendous potential when women support women
44 mins: We speak about Jessie’s MotherSHIFT programme (next programme starting in September 2021). A place about holding space and being seen and heard, can be tremendously healing and unlock potential.

We spoke about the challenge of seeking community and finding your people.
Jessie is writing her book; Matrescence- reclaiming the rite of passage of Motherhood. How do we transverse this 2-3 year period and unlock the potential.
Jessie is also working on a program to support practitioners who work with women.
If you stay to the end you see Ailish cry again (this is the 3rd chat I have cried in).

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