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Chat with Jana

April 22nd. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Jana

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PLEASE LISTEN TO JANA, she has a lifetime experience of catching babies and has gained wonderful insights.
“What we don’t have is reverence or relevance — or even a working understanding of the vulnerability and openness a woman experiences at this time. Our language and culture fails us.
I really enjoyed this conversation with Jana who I discovered from reading this beautiful article.
Jana discussed the pressure around women to deliver around their due dates.

“We don’t know what is going on in birth hormonally and we keep trying to measure it”.
“Birth- this is a process not an event, it takes days not hours”

Delicate dance that happens between Mum and baby.
“We need to quit messing around with it and give it space”
What is the most accurate due date measurement? Scans or dates, trust women they generally know when they got pregnant.

If a woman is given a safe space to unfold
Cultural expectations around being a productive member of society.
Vulnerability and weepiness is normal at the end, women need to be allowed to have the space to do this.

We spoke about the impact- postpartum mood disorders- Jana stated a startling rate of 25-30% of women have signs of post traumatic stress after birth.
“When there is a big gap between expectations and reality there is a lot of room for disappointment.”
Leaving women feeling like failures, overwhelmed unsupported and alone. No shared experience to talk about.

Humans are social birthers- we want to birth with other humans. It’s a process that requires other humans to be with us.
Learn to expect that state of being, of being wistful, weepy and joyful
21 mins: We spoke about the monetisation of birth in the US and western world.

24 mins: Jana spoke about how she decided to become a midwife- it was a feminist issue for her. She spent some time working in central America. This taught her women are far more resilient than we think they are.

We spoke about the importance of relationship between the Mother and her midwife.
29 mins 40 secs: Ailish shares how her decision to have a home birth came about.
We spoke about the power of intuition.
35 mins: What’s missing? That relationship between the birthing Mother and a midwife.


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