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Chat with Grainne

March 26th. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Grainne

Link below to listen to chat with Grainne.



Grainne Donnelly, Emma Brockwell and Tom Groom created the returning to running guidelines for post-partum women.


I asked Grainne about the guidelines came about. It was all done virtually at a time when this was not the norm. The infographic has been translated into many different languages. Grainne describes like the whole process felt like it was meant to happen.

Emma Brockwell has also recently released her book  https://www.physiomum.co.uk/

We spoke about how Grainne co-founded SPARK, the personal story about how both her parents were diagnosed with cancer the same year.

Grainne described how she completed the online training course around cancer rehab with Pinc and Steel, this is what started the process of bringing cancer rehabilitation to Northern Ireland

https://www.pincandsteel.com/programs/steel/- online training course around cancer rehab.

15 mins: We spoke about exercises during pregnancy- no such thing as a wrong exercise- Grainne expressed that over time she has connected with loading, the most change comes around with loading correctly.

Play about with exercises as opposed to taking off the table completely.

Grainne spoke about while re want to re-framing the post-partum bodies (taking the pressure off women) but also not to under value the aesthetic component of strength and conditioning. It motivates and drives women, if they start to see the changes as well as feeling the benefits of physical activity, it creates a positive feedback loop.

We spoke about ‘the juggle’ as Grainne has four young children. Good childcare, the continuous prioritising process, having a tidy house is not an option, letting go of pressures, surrounding yourself with women at the same stage, lower your threshold of standards.

We spoke about how Grainne assess the DRAM, both the concentric and eccentric components. Listen from 24 mins 30 secs to hear Grainne describe it in detail. Research has highlighted that we need to be measuring at rest to get a true picture of what is going on.

We spoke about tension across the tensegrity model of anatomy and referenced the book Anatomy Trains https://www.anatomytrains.com/

We spoke about the pelvic tilt as an exercise to assess the neuromuscular connection. That mind-body connection that occurs with this exercise. How to load and progress post partum exercise, adding resistance bands, TRX and kettle bells. We talk about pushing the limits to empower and enable women.

I asked Grainne around what software she uses and the power of the video demo for compliance.

Grainne talks about her passion for research, can be challenging as it is timely and not funded.  It occurs to Grainne there are barriers/disconnect between academia and clinical practice. She enjoys the idea of marrying both the clinical and research.  Next project is creating a run to running course with Emma.

Dr Izzy Moore- doing some research here.

Grainne is doing a small scale feasibility study as part of her Masters around the use of compression garments and impact on pelvic floor function.

38mins 30 secs: We spoke about compression garments.

We spoke about the nature of the continuous learning in pelvic health physio- need for joint sessions, creating community, case discussions and networks. It can be an area of physio that is more challenging to develop because you can be put in a silo.

We finished up talking about the leap we both took recently from the NHS/HSE. Doing work we enjoy.








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