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Chat with Celeste

March 22nd. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Celeste

Link below to listen to chat with Celeste


Celeste is the creator of ReCORE and the Fit Splint
Pre-natal program and post-partum exercise programs

Celeste spoke about how she got into the area of pre and post-partum training. She describes by the time she had her third child she had more issues and found herself struggling to return to running.

She was advised to have surgery, she decided to go back to the drawing board around post partum rehab.
‘Your core has been stretched for 9 months and it needs some attention no matter what’ to help avoid symptoms
‘We need to properly recondition the core and pelvic floor post partum, no matter what’

I asked Celeste to describe her building blocks in her programs (see post)
Coordinating core with upper body and lower body, introducing weights.
Slowly working up the threshold of the pelvic floor so it can handle more speed and endurance.
Celeste and I discussed what was missing for post-partum women in the past…she spoke about structured progressions with progressive loading and co-ordination. Progressively challenging the core along with the other muscles. Practicing core control/stabilising, adding weight and load to it.
I spoke about Meghan Callaway’s excellent progressions in her push up programme

We spoke about Celeste’s pre-natal programme- we discussed the issue around pelvic girdle pain.
‘Understanding they don’t have to stop… modify, modify, modfiy’
I loved Celestes story about how she got the idea for the Fit Splint, designed it, got feedback and brought it to the product it is today, which is selling approx. 500 units a month.
Available to purchase off her website  https://www.recorefitness.com/
Figure 8- https://www.figure8moms.com/

Duesoon in Australia  https://www.duesoon.com.au/ (for international shipping)
Celeste’s main passion is encouraging every woman to some core re-conditioning for a better recovery and avoid symptoms in the future.
Celeste is also working on developing workshops for PT’s, coaches and trainers to understand more about the post partum recovery- progress women better, lots of ideas for progressions to be ready to return to sport/activity.

Celeste acknowledged the work of Grainne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell, Irish Physiotherpaists, on the Guidelines for return to running.
She also acknowledge the Physio Detective, Juile Wiebe and Jay Dicharry, who has written a number of running books.

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