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Chat with Carrie

March 08th. 2021 | Comments Off on Chat with Carrie

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I talk a lot at the start (sorry Carrie), explaining how the classes work in The Bump Room and the content, I wanted to gain insight with Carrie around the level of loading and intensity I can go to in the classes.

There is a whole entire world of pregnant women who wish to continue with their fitness/sport.

Signs occur during pregnancy that we need to change something, doesn’t mean anything is wrong/bad.

Understanding as clinicians what may look scary to us. The ‘right’ exercise is related to what a woman’s body is used to and what their body is open to…. depending on what is happening to your body during the pregnancy.

Signs- do something different/back off/this might not be the right thing now.

The more we understand and get comfortable with the level of fitness the women are coming from dictates the level of intensity.
There is no wrong exercise in pregnancy.
What is the Why? behind the exercises/weights/loads we choose. Being a critical consumer and clinician.

We discussed the importance of collaborating when questioning things- being in a community where you ask – social media has been great for this.
We talked about pelvic girdle pain, we both had it, we shared the journey with it. Ailish talked about how she advised women to ‘Diva Up’.

Carrie talked about the post-partum version being ‘how little do I need to do to keep my kids alive’.
Carrie mentioned how frustrating it can be as a physio when you know you can impact with advice/reassurance/listening/supports Vs medical advice being something you have to get on it for pelvic girdle pain. Ailish said she is really enjoying the Finding Relief class for pelvic gridle pain, offering other ways to stay moving.

We chatted about how the more we create better connections with other professionals, coaches, strength/conditioning with the woman at the centre, the better for everyone and more importantly the woman.

Women are leading this- they want to take care of their bodies and value it. This can inspire and being role model for our kids.
Carrie highlighted her free webinar series coming up for post-partum return to running for a Mum’s and professionals. Due the 16th March. Covers how to navigate the path back to strength and running.
The good side of Covid has been the innovation and creativity happening online to support Mums to exercise during pregnancy and navigate the post-partum journey. Creating the virtual village.

Carrie has The Real Mums Guide and The Bump Room all our classes online.
49 mins: We chatted about hypermobility- in the context of understanding movement and symptoms- underlying conditions can occur. There is a pattern of what the movement strategy looks like. Carrie thinks that hypermobility frequently comes with over-activity and require strengthening to replace this as we treat it. By collaborating with strength conditioning coaches we can fill in the gaps, making a nice cohesive pathway for the woman, goal not to obliterate the over -activity, goal is to get strong. Being creative, where you may need enhancement, collaborate++

Creating a mindset of an Abundance mentality Vs Scarcity mentality, being open to having your mind changed.
We discussed literature, and how sometimes there are limitations, Carrie stated ‘important to use research as a foundation, not as a permission slip.’  Finding balance between research and clinical perspective.

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