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Tuesdays Birth Story- No regrets!

May 19th. 2015 | Comments Off on Tuesdays Birth Story- No regrets!

I had an emergency section on my first baby after being induced due to high blood pressure at 39 weeks.  I was fully dilated, pushing for an hour and had a failed vacuum before the section and always felt I had unfinished business in that respect! Before I got pregnant with number 2 I decided to prepare myself by losing weight to try avoid getting high blood pressure again, I know it’s not always avoidable but my main theme here was have no regrets.  I got pregnant with number 2 and immediately signed up for the bump room classes with Caitriona in Clarecastle. It was great, absolutely loved it, I rarely stick to anything but I went to it without fail up until I was 39 weeks.  I was gutted I couldn’t go at 40 wks but my husband didn’t get home on time from work! That night I started getting pains and thought this was it. Went on for a few hours but when I went for a shower at around 3am all of a sudden they disappeared. Went for a swim the following day and could feel something and had pains again that night. Eventually at 40+2 after a long walk things started progressing.  I arrived into admissions and thankfully it was very quiet. I was 4cm and my waters broke. They asked me was I having another section or trying for vbac and without hesitation I said vbac.  From then on they were so helpful and did everything they could to help me.  I explained to the midwife in admissions I didn’t want continuous monitoring as I felt that being stuck on the bed wouldn’t help my cause (I carry my babies high) and that I wanted to be able to move around. I asked could I not be admitted to the labour ward until I really needed to go so she agreed and admitted me to M1 and I was lucky enough to be given a 2 bed ward with no one in the other bed! Jackpot…I had loads of room to move around, they gave me a ball to bounce on and hubby had a telly! The pains started coming on top of each other and the lovely midwife asked did I want gas and air as there was one mobile gas & air unit in the maternity and she’d see if it was available, otherwise I’d have to go to the labour ward.  Again my luck was in and I got the gas and air unit.  So that did me another while. Eventually the pains got too much, she examined me and I was only 6cm, gutted! So I made my way to the labour ward holding on for dear life to the gas while hubby pulled the unit along. I arrived and requested the epidural, the anaesthetist arrived and started trying to put it in and was having trouble and next thing got called away on an emergency. Then my lovely labour ward midwife Emma arrived. I couldn’t believe it when she walked in as she was the same one as I’d had for my first labour. She announced to be she wasn’t going to be a jinx and would do everything to help me get my vbac.  Anaesthetist came back and eventually got the line in but no sooner than she did I got the urge to push. No time for infusion to start so all her work was in vain.  It took a lot of pushing, over an hour again, I was wrecked but with one little pull from the vacuum but we got her out and I was thrilled. I felt on top of the world after it all despite the pain at the time and wouldn’t hesitate doing it again. The recovery was far easier although I’m told an elective section is easier recover from than an emergency one. My main focus throughout was to have no regrets, to do whatever I could to get into labour, and if it didn’t work out and I had to have a section so be it but at least I’d have no regrets that I didn’t try! When the baby was breech for a few weeks I tried everything, acupuncture, handstands in the pool, spinning babies moves, moxibustion and I think that’s what worked…or just Mother Nature! I chanced my arm with Caitriona telling her I couldn’t do squats as it’d engage the baby further down in a breech position!! To get myself into labour as I knew I was on a clock and wouldn’t be allowed go more than 10-14 days over I did acupuncture and reflexology, bounced like a lunatic on the ball and went for walks. So ya I have no regrets and am thrilled I got my vbac. I would encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence about it to really consider it, especially when you’ve small kids at home as the recovery is far easier. I joined the gentlebirth vbac fb page which had lots of tips and if I was to go again will consider doing gentlebirth as to be honest I did think I started to panic a little bit when things got intense. But that’s for another day.

Best of luck to all the Bump Room ladies! Keep doing those squats!

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