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Tuesday Birth Story- Such a difference to my 1st delivery

May 26th. 2015 | Comments Off on Tuesday Birth Story- Such a difference to my 1st delivery

I went into active labour on Tuesday night at around 11pm and my little man arrived at 4.14am on Wednesday morning. To say I was nervous coming up to the birth is an understatement. On my previous labour I had a 3rd degree tear so I was pretty scared of getting that again but not scared enough to want a c-section and 6 week recovery (especially with an active 2 year old). I had a plan for pain relief which was that I hoped to manage with breathing and using the exercise ball but I was ruling nothing out.

I had a normal delivery with no instruments and just a 1st degree tear :-). I couldn’t be happier. 
I used the gym ball during the contractions until the urge to push came. I only pushed 4 times and Tadhg arrived. I had music on my phone to listen to for the contractions some Florence and the machine to distract me 🙂 The visualisation of j really helped me. I also only had pethidine and at the very end gas and air. Such a difference to my 1st delivery!  Thanks a million for running the bump room classes, all the info about labour was very useful and thanks for keeping me fit!

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