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Tuesday Birth Story – Not sure they sounded like moos!!

January 17th. 2017 | Leave a comment

My beautiful little daughter arrived 3 weeks early. I Woke up at 5.15 am on a Tuesday morning  with bad pains, the next one was 6.15am with bit of bleeding. As this was my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure if they were contractions at first. The Pains were coming then every half hour, then every 20 mins then ten minutes. I rang the hospital at 10.45am & they said due to the ‘show’ to come in.  I left at 11 & arrived at the hospital at 12pm & then of course the contractions stopped when I reached the hospital.

When I was admitted at about 12 o clock they did an internal and I was 4cm. They monitored me every 15 mins. Next internal was two hours later I was 6cm but hadn’t progressed so they let me go another two hours then at 8.45pm they said they had to break my waters and OMG I went from 6cm to fully dilated within less than 10 minutes. This was the toughest part. At this stage I asked for the epidural but I knew it was too late as within seconds I said “I have to push”

I laboured using tens machine, I took a bit of air and gas but after about 5 minutes it started to annoy me so I through it away and concentrated on breathing & pushing while my husband sprayed water mist over my face and wiped with a face cloth to cool me down while lifting my leg on one side when contractions came & controlling the tens machine also, midwife was at the other side. I was pushing for about an hour and a quarter until they said they had to intervene as it wasn’t safe to let me go anymore! I tried my best with the moos  not sure they sounded like moos though  but the breathing through contractions and telling myself I could do anything for one minute really helped at the beginning up to 6cm. I wanted more time pushing but they wouldn’t give it, I felt I had a few more in me but they wouldn’t let me. This was when the consultant was called in & I didn’t want him there at that stage.

 I was so close but she kept sliding back in so I had to have an episiotomy & kiwi ventose delivery which I really didn’t want but the doctor and midwife said the baby needed help and my husband agreed as he could see her head sliding back in. So glad she’s safe and we are absolutely in love with her, I couldn’t believe it when she did the breast crawl all by herself, it was a very special moment as we enjoyed over an hour of skin to skin.

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