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Tuesday Birth Story – Half packed bag!

December 13th. 2016 | Leave a comment

I was due the end of October yet the first week of the month I really started to find myself struggling in work and couldn’t work out why.
I had a relatively easy pregnancy – no morning sickness, was able to exercise right through and had gained very little weight, in everyone else’s words I was “tiny”. I wasn’t feeling tiny, I felt like I was waddling around that week.
I was due to finish up work exactly 2 weeks before my due date but on the Monday of my last week I decided I’d had enough. I woke up feeling what I can only describe as a pressure on my pelvis and a few light cramps. I decided to ring my doctor and he said he would give me a cert for this last week. He told me he thought I had done quite well to make it to 37 weeks in work so I didn’t feel too bad about it.
I decided that morning was as good a time as any to start packing my hospital bag, 2 and half weeks before due date was loads of time right??
I had to go into work that afternoon to hand over my files/workload to a colleague.  On the way into work that lunchtime I started to leak a little, I put it down to the pressure I was feeling all morning and never gave it a second thought.
That evening when my husband got home from work I told him about how I had been feeling all day and he felt I should go to the doctor. By that time they were closed for the day so I said I’d go in the morning.
So I cooked dinner, cleaned up and went for shower as normal. As far as I was concerned it was just a normal day.
After my shower I noticed that the cramps were started to get a little more uncomfortable, as this stage I started to think I may be having Braxton Hicks so I decided to start timing the gap between the cramps. It was a bit all over the place at the start, anything between 8 and 12 minutes so I wasn’t going to panic. I did my pelvic floor exercises and used my exercise ball when breathing through the cramping.
Eventually at 10pm I decided to ring the hospital to see what they thought. They told me to come down and they could do a test to see if my waters had broken or not. At this stage it all started to feel a bit more real. My husband grabbed my half packed bag and we got into the car. Still timing my “cramps” I noted that they were now only 5 and half minutes apart.
When we arrived in the hospital at 11:20 the “cramps” were only 3 minutes apart. I was sent straight to the labour ward to be assessed. I was put on the tracer to check babys heartrate which was fine and a simple test confirmed my waters had broke, further examination showed I was 3cm dilated and I was definitely in labour. My hubby was told to go get my bag from car and check me in cause I was staying and this was really happening……..
By 1am what I now knew were actually contractions were only 1 minute apart and lasting 40 seconds. I had no pain relief up until this point but was still only 4cm dilated and knew I couldn’t handle maybe another 6/7 hours of this so I asked for the epidural – almost instant relief and relaxation. I didn’t sleep for the next few hours but I was definitely able to relax and think about what was about to happen. I felt I wasn’t really prepared as in my head I still had at least another 2 and half weeks to get ready for this. My sister had went full 10 days over with both her pregnancies so in my head I always believed I would be the same.
By 5am I was the full 10cm dilated but we were waiting until 6am to push. After about 50 mins of pushing the labour wasn’t progressing as the midwife would like and the baby’s heart rate was rising so the doctor was called and they decided to use the vacuum to get the baby out sooner rather than later. At 7:07am my beautiful little girl was born. Still a little in shock I really enjoyed my skin to skin contact while the hubby was surprising all the family with the news.
Looking back I think it was a really nice way for it to happen. Everything went smoothly. It didn’t drag on too long – was only in the hospital for 7 and half hours before she was born and I now get to spend my whole maternity leave with the cutie. No days wasted hanging around waiting for her to arrive.

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