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Tuesday Birth Story- Good recovery

May 07th. 2015 | Comments Off on Tuesday Birth Story- Good recovery

I had gone 12 days overdue and was due for induction on Monday morning – the consultant came around early to get me started and said it could take a couple of attempts to get things going, contractions had started by lunch time but moving very slowly.  I spent the evening bouncing on the birthing ball, practicing my breathing (bump room style) and pacing the halls.
Because contractions continued there was no need for another attempt at induction although by evening I had still only progressed 1cm, I was given pethidine and gas and air on the ward and also had the loan of a TENS machine which all helped or at least were a welcome distraction!!!

At 5.30am my waters broke and the midwife noticed meconium in the waters and suggested that I go straight to the delivery suite.  As progress was still very slow (2cm) they suggested an emergency section might be the best idea as they didn’t want baby to get distressed.  Being my first baby I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect of either a caesarean section or normal delivery but the midwife and surgeon in the delivery ward were fantastic and explained everything, and I knew it was the best decision

At 8am I was prepped for surgery, my husband had to wait outside while I got the spinal block, he was allowed in just before they delivered baby and the midwives explained everything to me as it was all progressing.  When they delivered my son (all 9lb 11oz) they brought him to me for a quick kiss and put him in an incubator while I was stitched.

I had been to Claire Boyle’s breastfeeding workshop and was conscious of the first skin to skin contact and really wanted to establish breastfeeding properly, I had told the midwife this and as soon as they could they placed baby on me and I was taken to recovery where we enjoyed the first hour of skin to skin.

Although I was nervous I didn’t find the emergency section at all traumatic and think I would have been as nervous with any type of delivery.

My recovery went well, although it did take a good few weeks to get back to normal but we took the time to rest as much as possible and get to know each other.  I had completed three blocks of The Bump Room classes and I think the tips I learned really helped my recovery along.

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