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Tuesday Birth Story- Don’t forget earplugs!

May 07th. 2015 | Comments Off on Tuesday Birth Story- Don’t forget earplugs!

My waters broke on Monday night, so I went in even though my contractions hadn’t started yet. The clock started ticking and induction was planned for 24 hours. I did my best to stay positive in spite of getting zero sleep in hospital on Monday night. (Remind the ladies to pack their earplugs! I left mine at home. ) Thank God contractions started themselves mid-Tuesday afternoon and our little fella was born just after 9pm. The deep breathing helped me through the contractions and I did lots of mooing while pushing, which I found harder this time because he decided to come out with one hand covering his face! My midwife was fantastic, allowing me to move as my body told me to and going with it and also coaching me when I thought I was going to burst (I guess the baby was crowning). I ended up with no tears or stitches.

Sorry if that is too much information. I didn’t mean to write such a long email, but I just wanted to give you and the prospective mamas an encouraging story. I thought when my waters broke early, I would be subject to all sorts of interventions, but I got stuck into the raspberry leaf tea and got everyone to pray for me and got through it.
Thank you for your classes, Ailish. They were so helpful in keeping me active and strong all through the pregnancy and your advice on pelvic pain, amongst other things was invaluable. I don’t think I could have looked after my other children without that extra energy and strength that your classes provided each week.

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