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Tuesday Birth Story – 10 days over

June 20th. 2017 | Comments Off on Tuesday Birth Story – 10 days over

As expected I went the 10 days over again on my 2nd pregnancy! I experienced the very same pregnancy 2nd time round so I was also hoping to experience the same labour! My 1st labour was both positive & quick, with 1 induction of gel I had a 5 hr labour(no pain relief just gas & air)& after 20mins of pushing my 1st little lady arrived into the world @ 6lb 13oz, I had a small episiotomy & help with kiwi suction. On my 1st pregnancy I read the hypno birthing book & truly believe that put me on the right path to positive thinking & putting faith in my body that I could do it. With the guidance of my book again & the old wives tale that your 2nd is quicker I headed into the maternity for 8am on the Tuesday morn for induction.
At 3pm I was induced with the gel,I walked & walked but to no avail so I was induced again at 10pm that night, after an hour with no sign of anything happening I sent my hubby home & I slept the night with no movement.
At 8am the following morn I started to get light cramps which very quickly progressed to strong contractions (I knew from my previous experience where this was headed so I rang my hubby to come in).from 8.30 he sat at the bottom of my bed & timed my contractions which were pretty much coming every other minute, I lay on my side & stayed calm & quiet & just concentrated on my breathing(walking around is not an option for me as my contractions go right into my legs,there was no room available on the labour ward).
At 11am the midwife checked on me & said when she came back from her coffee break she would examine me,10 mins later my waters broke & I was rushed to the labour ward in a wheelchair,I was glad to get there for some gas&air!! I took a few mins standing at the edge of the bed with the gas&air & when I got up on the bed the midwife said baby is coming!I started to push @ 11.30am & @ 11.33am our 2nd little girl arrived into the world weighing 8lbs 3oz,this time with no episiotomy & no help!they do say a bigger baby is easier to deliver!I needed 3 stitches from a small tear but I was right as rain after a few mins!
I was always afraid of labour & always thought I would panic & not hold it together especially when women want to tell you all the horror stories,why as women do we do that to each other?! Some might say I was just lucky to experience 2 positive & quick labour’s but I 100% believe that research into the whole process is a must,the amount of women that are to afraid to ask questions or really don’t know about the process of being in the maternity, not to scare anyone but alot don’t know that you might not get to the labour ward in the early stages,so gas & air or an epidural may not be an option,that’s a scary thought but if your prepared for that and work on breathing & relaxing techniques & image therapy it definitely keeps the unknown & anxiety at Bay. Our bodies are amazing machines not to mention our minds,we really don’t give ourselves enough credit.
I know at times the doctors have to intervene or you have a planned or emergency c section, I know not everyone is lucky to have quick labour’s but we all start out on the same road of hoping for a natural drama free birth & even if you don’t end up with that I feel 100% confident that if you research & give your mind a chance to show you how strong you can be you’ll definitely reap the benefits whatever your delivery story turns out to be.
I sound like a right preacher!!but I hope even one lady reading this gives it a go! We could all do with a few more positive stories than the negative ones women always love to tell!

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