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Tuesday Birth Story – 10 days over

June 20th. 2017 | Leave a comment

As expected I went the 10 days over again on my 2nd pregnancy! I experienced the very same pregnancy 2nd time round so I was also hoping to experience the same labour! My 1st labour was both positive & quick, with 1 induction of gel I had a 5 hr labour(no pain relief just gas & air)& after 20mins of …read more >>

Two stretches for pelvic pain

May 11th. 2017 | Leave a comment

Great bum sequence. Pelvic pain friendly

May 08th. 2017 | Leave a comment

Best thing to do everyday for your pelvic floor

May 08th. 2017 | Leave a comment

What to do if your hands are tingling during pregnancy

May 08th. 2017 | Leave a comment