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Your Bump Room!

March 30th. 2017 | Leave a comment

Big day! Caitriona and I have a new and improved members area for our online classes with lots more content, a new education section for managing pains and aches, and resources section with handouts and birth stories. We would like to say a big thank you to all the ladies in Limerick in this video, thank you so much for being …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Listen to your gut!!

January 31st. 2017 | Leave a comment

My first pregnancy birth story began at approximately 4am on a Saturday morning. I awoke as usual to use the loo and hopped back into bed and hugged my bump…waiting for the familiar and reassuring movements from my baby. After a few moments of feeling nothing I knew it was unusual but I didn’t think much only that he or …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Not sure they sounded like moos!!

January 17th. 2017 | Leave a comment

My beautiful little daughter arrived 3 weeks early. I Woke up at 5.15 am on a Tuesday morning  with bad pains, the next one was 6.15am with bit of bleeding. As this was my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure if they were contractions at first. The Pains were coming then every half hour, then every 20 mins then ten minutes. …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Long road to recovery!

January 10th. 2017 | Leave a comment

I had tried to prepare myself as best I could for the birth, I had done the Bump Room classes, read the books and even been on a birth preparation course but as everyone who’s had a baby knows, nothing can fully prepare you for it. My waters broke without warning at 9.30 am that morning, no pains or twinges …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Half packed bag!

December 13th. 2016 | Leave a comment

I was due the end of October yet the first week of the month I really started to find myself struggling in work and couldn’t work out why. I had a relatively easy pregnancy – no morning sickness, was able to exercise right through and had gained very little weight, in everyone else’s words I was “tiny”. I wasn’t feeling …read more >>