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Archives for October, 2014

Tip For Low Back Pain While Driving

October 31st. 2014

One tip to help a lot if experiencing low back with driving. Can be used when pregnant or not.

4 Exercises For Mid Back Discomfort

September 26th. 2014

Caitriona runs through some exercises we teach in the bump room that help with mid back pain or pain around the level of bra strap. Very common during pregnancy and post natally.

Welcome to the Ballinasloe Bump Room

February 03rd. 2014

Welcome to the Balllinasloe Bump Room!! Our next new Bump Room is coming to Ballinasloe, Co Galway at the end of February and will be instructed by our new team member Sarah McNamara Whyte. Hi everyone, I’m really looking forward to working with the bump room team and meeting loads of new and repeat mums. I am married three years to …read more >>

“Do you think I have a prolapse…and what is it anyway?”

January 18th. 2014

Pelvic organ prolapse is bulging of one of the pelvic organs (bladder,bowel or uterus) into the vagina. A prolapse occurs when there is weakness or damage to the tissues that support the vagina. There are a number of different types; Cystocele – when part of the bladder bulges into the front wall of the vagina. Rectocele – when the rectum …read more >>

Diastasis Rectus

October 04th. 2013

Just finished giving an inservice on diastasis rectus to my colleagues at work. I think this is such an interesting topic. I will attempt to give a brief synopsis. The rectus abdominus is the muscle at the front of your tummy that has two parts connected at the midline of our trunk by a connective tissue called linea alba. This …read more >>