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Archives for November, 2016

Tuesday Birth Story – Slow start to a flying finish.

November 28th. 2016

I had my 3rd baby recently, and my birth story this time was quite different to my other 2 births. On my first, I went into labour on my due date, on my second I went the day after my due date, so I assumed it would be roughly the same this time, but I went 8 days over this …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Mild Cramps

November 22nd. 2016

Had extremely mild cramps in the evening/night before bed. Felt fine otherwise so wasn’t thinking too much about labour etc. yet. Had a shower bout 12ish and went to bed feeling fine. Fell asleep straight away and woke about 3am for toilet (not unusual!!). Went to toilet but felt lightish cramps again, a little more severe than earlier on. Went …read more >>

The Bump Room’s top 5

November 15th. 2016


Class 5 exercise chart

November 15th. 2016


Class 4 exercise chart

November 15th. 2016