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Archives for January, 2016

Tuesday Birth Story – An easy time for a first timer!

January 11th. 2016

I was a week overdue and went in for my next appointment that morning; my consultant wasn’t very optimistic that I’d go into labour without some help as the baby wasn’t engaged and still a bit high up. I had a sweep every week for the past 3 weeks and no stir; so I was sent over to the hospital …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – ‘oh, actually there’s the head’

January 05th. 2016

I was expecting to go into labour around my due date as that was what had happened with my first, but as the days passed and I got more and more frustrated it seemed like this baby was never going to make an appearance! Finally, after 10 long days I went in to be induced. I was dreading induction as …read more >>