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Archives for November, 2015

Tuesday Birth Story – A pre term, breach delivery!

November 30th. 2015

My first pregnancy was quite tough. I had a lot of instability in my hips which manifested itself in extreme pain down the sides of my thighs, along with stiff and sore back and hips. I was up every night with the leg pain, and found sitting in cars and at work very difficult. But you get used to it. …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Twins!

November 02nd. 2015

My first thought when I found out I was expecting twins was…unprintable, my second thought was c-section. The idea of naturally delivering twins was alien to me and I genuinely for a lot of the pregnancy thought of it as a perk! I was convinced that the section would be the more predictable hassle free option. I had a whopper …read more >>