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Archives for October, 2015

Introducing Sandra..

October 30th. 2015

We are very excited to introduce Sandra Caulfield, who is joining The Bump Room team. Sandra has a degree in Physiotherapy from University of Limerick in 2007 and achieved the highest grade Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 2010. She is a qualified STOTT Pilates Instructor Matwork and Reformer. ¬†Sandra has taken many post graduate courses …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – not the plan!

October 26th. 2015

When I found out I was pregnant with my son Sean one of the first thoughts I had was that I did not want a massive needle in my spine and I most certainly did not want numerous doctor’s hands inside of me. I therefore made up my mind that I would have a waterbirth and would learn the art …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – birth to follow pregnancy!!

October 19th. 2015

I always find it fascinating when chatting to friends etc that even though birth is in theory the same physiological process for all of us; each and every woman has their own unique story to tell and no two experiences from start to finish are ever the same! It is uniquely yours and this is my birth story…… Well it …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – work then hospital!

October 12th. 2015

Saturday evening, I went to the loo and as I was finished I noticed there was a subsequent dribble which I thought a bit odd but chose to ignore it.¬† On Sunday morning I was aware of a bit of a trickle before I got up, I had no problems with incontinence at all throughout the whole pregnancy so I …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – there for the birth not the labour!

October 06th. 2015

I was gone 10 days over according to scan dates and 12 according to last period when I was scheduled for induction. I wasn’t as resistant to an induction as I was on my first as this was my second baby. My husband had an appointment in Dublin, I thought the induction would be hours so I told him to …read more >>