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Archives for September, 2015

Mammy Q&A

September 30th. 2015

Sonia from Dublin, Mammy to 2 boys aged 2 and a half and 6 months. How was your pregnancy? Most recent went well enough. Usual nausea in first trimester and v tired in last. Felt lots of kicks which I loved!   Did you have any unusual cravings? Noodles, pizza, olives, mangoes   Did you find out the sex of …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – kicks or contractions?

September 28th. 2015

What a roller-coaster of emotions the last few months have been… A positive pregnancy test bringing tears of joy to my usually so strong husband. Pretending I am driving home to explain why I am not drinking my favourite cocktail on a night-out. The first signs of nausea. Changing the content of my breakfast so that it tastes less bad …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Homebirth

September 21st. 2015

I have been terrified of birth my whole life. I suspect that such a deep-rooted fear informed my dislike of children through my teens and twenties and determination to be permanently child-free, well into my thirties. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately realised just how much fear I had about birth and parenting. I knew then that …read more >>

Mammy Q&A

September 17th. 2015

Laura from Blackrock Mammy to Henry and baby No.2 on the way!  1.  How was your pregnancy? My pregnancy was quite difficult with Henry as I was very sick for the full nine months. I was vomiting three times a day every day so it wasn’t pleasant! I’m pregnant again now and it is going much better.  I feel in …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story – Superbad

September 14th. 2015

I was very nervous always about having a baby. Not just the birth (that always scared me) but also the fact that I had no idea how to mind one. No one in my family had any babies and I had never changed a nappy in my life. I was strangely calm, though, after my positive pregnancy test (done at …read more >>