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Archives for July, 2015

Tuesday Birth Story – Fast & Furious

July 27th. 2015

Fast & Furious I was 5 days over and had been in and out of the maternity being monitored for high blood pressureĀ since the due date (this suddenly came on me the last week). So by the 5th day over I was brought inĀ for a sweep and if nothing happened I was booked for an induction on day 8. So …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story- different third time round

July 21st. 2015

My first two deliveries had been relatively similar (albeit the 2nd significantly quicker than the 1st) and on each of them, my waters had gone just before baby was born. So I was pretty shocked when I was woken from a Sunday afternoon nap at 37weeks 6days by my waters EXPLODING! I’d heard people remark that they weren’t sure if …read more >>

Tuesday Birth Story- lingerie shop..

July 07th. 2015

Our birth story began on a Friday afternoon,4 days before baby’s EDD. I was in town,shopping for some final items on baby shopping list. I was about to enter a lingerie shop,to buy a Breastfeeding bra,when I felt a flow of water. ‘Oh no,’ I thought, ‘my waters have broken’.I was disappointed as I had hoped to spend stage one …read more >>